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Beard oil Hair oil

A custom superbottle
to Stop Hair Loss,
boost Hair Growth and no one else's

Grow your Hair with a powerful oil mixed just for you.


Uses of BeardMen Herbal Hair Oil

1. Boosts Hair growth

2. Hair Re-growth

3. Stops Hair Loss

4. Conditions Hair

5. Reverse Gray Hair

A custom super bottle for your unique hair condition

Hair Loss? Scared of Bald head? Searching for a customized Hair oil for you?

Your super bottle mixes ingredients you can't get off the shelf - and manufactured only for you.


Real people, real stories


College Student

Basketball player

Issue: Hair Loss


I'm doing my MBA and am just 27, but I had lost my hair, almost completely in the front area. After using BeardMen's Hair Oil, I got back it within 4 months. It was a consistent process that helped me to get back my hair.

Varun Agarwal




Issue: Vigorous Hair Fall

Travelling is my hobby, I travel a lot and this became a reason for my hairloss, but I didn't stop travelling and unfortunately within few years I faced vigorous hair fall and I was really worried about it. Then I came to know about BeardMen's Oil. Trust me within 60 days, almost 80% of Hair fall was stopped. I have been using it for last 4 months, now Hair fall is not my cup of tea.


Ishan Varma (Age 37)

Extremely happy for this change. Fuller hair is my dream, now I got it with the help of BeardMen Hair Oil and I will never get tired of spreading it, actually it works for people who try it out.

Mahesh Sharma (Age 29)

Where has BeardMen been my whole life?! Honestly this is the best thing that's ever came into my life. My look has drastically changed up since I started using this Hair oil.


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